The sign of a good electrical contractor is that there is no sign at all! Your buildings, facilities, plants, factories and systems just continue to work with no unnecessary downtime or outages. In order to make sure your business is operating at it's full capacity, you need a professional to come in on a scheduled based to take care of any issues that may arise.

Electrical Maintenance that we at Monster Electric provide:

  • We will check distributions for safe loads
  • Transformers are metered, and will be checked to make sure they are not over loaded
  • Panels will be checked for lose connections and hot-spots
  • Exposed wiring will be checked for breaks and damage
  • Penetrations will be checked to ensure fire and weather ratings
  • Machines will be tested to make sure everything is operating as itshould
  • Work order requests will be completed to ensure operating efficiency
  • Lights and ballasts will be changed out to make sure everyone has a safe and bright working environment
Electrical Edmonton
Electrical Edmonton




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