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What is Solar?

Solar Energy, traditionally known as Photovoltaics (PV), harnesses the photons from the sun that are absorbed by a semi-conductor material (silicon) in the solar cell. When the photon has the semi-conductor, an electron is released into the circuit. Solar energy uses natural sun’s rays to generate heat or electricity.


Why Should You Choose Solar?


  • Material Costs Are Down 75% From 1996!
  • Unpredictable Electricity Rates!
  • Guaranteed Daily Solar Production!
  • Minimum 25 year Output!
  • Higher Electricity Rates = More revenue!
  • Replace Batteries For Stored Power!
  • Carbon Tax Credits!
  • Save Our Planet!


How Will Solar Make You Money?

Electricity usage is measured in Kilowatt Hours (kWh). The amount you pay for electricity is negotiated between you and your retailer. To get an idea of the rate of return, we will multiple the size of the array in KW by the average amount of sun we get. Then we will multiple that number by how many days in a month, then multiply that by your current electricity rate.

Solar Edmonton

Say the solar setup costs $15,000, that's a Return Of Investment of 6.33% ( $950 ÷ $15000 x100 = 6.33% ). If these were mutual funds, that would be a very desirable return! An R.O.I of a mutual fund investment over the last 10 years of greater then 10% is extremely rare. In 2015 almost 70% of investors lost money! So why not invest in the sun and never lose!

But, what if electricity rates double in the near future? Electricity usage could cost you $2140 annually and that does not include the administration, distribution, and local access fees your utility provider will charge you. At doubled electricity rates, your new R.O.I, with a Monster Electric Solar System, would be at 12.6%! If you factor in the electricity carbon tax, beginning the new year of 2017, your R.O.I. would be at 14.2%! By choosing Solar energy you are eliminating the risk of rising taxes and electricity rates, as well as investing in your future.





Is Edmonton a Good Place for Solar?

Edmonton has proven to have some interesting and unpredictable weather. Although we may experience all 4 seasons in one day, Edmonton has sun. We are in fact the 2nd sunniest city in Canada! Our lack of cloud cover is what puts us near the top. Having 325 days of measurable sun, Edmonton has a total of 2,345 hours of sun annually!




"During the 2nd economic slowdown in 7 years, I had some friends take solar courses. After listening to what they learned in their courses, my interest peaked. I started to do my own research into costs, returns, incentives and more. Once I was properly educated it was quite clear that solar is a solid product, especially for the longevity of the panels! So, when I built my house I planned to install a Monster Electric Solar System. Once the system was installed I was generating enough electricity to help power my whole home, and I was so impressed! I'll be generating my own electricity for the next 25-40 years with zero involvement in the project from now on. My Monster Electric Solar System has reduced my carbon footprint, has saved me a ton of money, and has put money back into my pocket! Once I realized how easy it really was to install and operate, I just had to tell my family, friends, neighbours and clients!"


What About the Dark Edmonton Winters?

No one enjoys the cold Edmonton winters! But, what does enjoy the cold Edmonton winters are the Monster Electric Solar electrical components. Electrical Resistance, is how difficult a circuit is for the electrons to flow, and power your end device. The more resistance in a circuit, the more heat you create and less total power you receive at your load. One major factor effecting resistance is heat. With the colder outdoor temperatures, every component on your roof has a decreased level of resistance, allowing an overall increase of efficiency! Equally more money saved, and more money made!

How Do I Clean the Snow off My Solar Panels?

You won't have too! Panels placed on your roof are placed at an angle which helps snow slide right off the panel. The snow will also slide right off of your panels because of how warm they will be, as they absorb heat radiation from the sun even in the winter. Much like how the snow melts off the hood and windshield of a black vehicle in the winter. Now, some snow might stick, but being 30-40 feet in the air, your roof is susceptible to quite a bit of wind which should clean the remaining snow from your solar array. If the snow storm doesn't have any wind, don’t worry! Snow is translucent! Just like how the igloo you built as a kid was bright enough to see inside, or how it's still bright outside even when it's overcast. The opacity of snow will allow some light through for your Solar System to continue generating power. Saving and making you money!




Sounds like the right idea for your home at just the right time, doesn't it?


This is what we will do next, if you choose Monster Electric Solar:

  1. We will meet again to discuss any question, comments or concerns that you may have!
  2. We will do a site tour to inspect the roof design for a layout and to provide an energy audit (optional) to decrease your energy usage and to increase revenue!
  3. We will use your electricity bill to prepare an electrical schematic and site plan to submit for an electrical permit and a permit from the Alberta Utilities Commission.
  4. We will prepare an accurate quotation for customer approval.
  5. We will order materials, and book an installation date.
  6. We will complete the installation, and call in an electrical inspection.
  7. Your wire line provider will install a bi-directional meter.
  8. You do nothing for the next 25-40 years as your home produces clean, renewable energy, worry free!





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